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  • ABC Interactive English
    HK$708.00 HK$670.00 ABC Interactive English

  • Action Asia
    HK$280.00 Action Asia
    Action AsiaEnglish versionBi-Monthly Action Asia is dedicated to bringing you the very latest on the most unusual and interesting destinations from around the region, and the most exciting things to do when you are there...

  • Asian Golf
    HK$540.00 HK$460.00 Asian Golf
    Asian Golf Monthly's premier magazine.

  • Business Traveller
    HK$500.00 HK$360.00 Business Traveller
    Business Traveller Magazine is the only publication written specifically for the frequent business traveller. Business Traveller is the definitive source of information for all senior traveling business people. Business...

  • China Pictorial (English)
    HK$210.00 China Pictorial (English)
    人民畫報(English) 1 year - 12 issues

  • CNN Interactive English
    HK$708.00 HK$670.00 CNN Interactive English

  • Computer World HK
    HK$343.00 Computer World HK
    Computer World HKEnglish version Quarterly   Computerworld Hong Kong reaches the territory's 40,000 IT professionals--the key decision makers and infuencers in one of Asia's largest IT hubs. Delivered monthly...

  • Hong Kong Tatler
    HK$460.00 Hong Kong Tatler
    Hong Kong TatlerEnglish versionMonthly The essential guide to the very best in life, Hong Kong Tatler covers everything from the best events, fine dining and the most glamorous people, to international fashion and luxury...

  • Live Interactive English
    HK$708.00 HK$670.00 Live Interactive English
    想學好英語,最有效的方法就是『到說英語的國家生活』或『請一對一的英語家教』。因為,只有這兩種方法能讓你『融入英語情境』、能讓你『用英語與老外互動』,能大量的實際聽說練習,否則學再久的英語,遇到老外還是既聾且啞。《Live互動英語》以實用為出發點,所有內容都從生活情境中延伸,讓生活中的點點滴滴都成為最好的學習教材,搭配互動光碟強大學習功能,就像讓你置身國外一樣,您最有效學習環境。 Live互動英語每月依照課程內容安排學習計畫表,幫您規劃學習進度,...

  • National Geographic
    HK$456.00 HK$438.00 National Geographic
    National Geographic - English version, US Edition, Monthly, (12 Issues)Discover the world's wonders as captured in the pages of National Geographic. Filled with breathtaking photography and riveting articles, each issue is...

  • National Geographic Kids
    HK$468.00 HK$398.00 National Geographic Kids
    National Geographic Kids- English version, US Edition, Monthly, (10 Issues) National Geographic Kids is an award-winning children's magazine published by the National Geographic Society. The first issue was printed in...

  • National Geographic Little Kids
    HK$450.00 HK$388.00 Choose Options National Geographic Little Kids
    National Geographic Little Kids- English version, US Edition, Bi-Monthly, (6 Issues - 1 Year)National Geographic Little Kids is an award-winning children's magazine published by the National Geographic Society. The...

  • Popular Science (monthly)
    HK$450.00 Popular Science (monthly)
    Popular Science (US)English versionMonthly     Issue : 6 Period : 1 year   The 'What's New' magazine of science and technology. Covering the latest developments in cars, electronics, communications,...

  • Scientific American (monthly)
    HK$900.00 Scientific American (monthly)
    Scientific American (US)English versionMonthly A surprising, dynamic magazine where working scientists and Nobel laureates present the remarkable things they do. Every issue presents vital work being carried out in...

  • Vogue (US edition)
    HK$1,110.00 Vogue (US edition)
    Fashion, hair & skin care, fitness, health & entertainment. Issue : 12 Period : 1 year

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