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Discovery Box

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About Discovery Box
Suggested Reader Age 9-12 Yrs

Price: 680/10issues

Let’s find out…
Aimed at children 9 years and over, Discovery Box features regular sections on science, nature, and history, along with experiments, photos, stories, quizzes, fun facts, crafts and activities, recipes, and more.

Discovery the brand new DiscoveryBox! Exciting new format and contents! Each issue contains 53 pages with:

  • Animals, with stunning photos and concise, informative texts
  • History: important events retold through a picture story, facts and photos to stimulate reader’s appetite for learning about the past
  • Science pages, presented in a lively way
  • World, to broaden children’s horizons
  • And much, much more: Stories, quizzes, funfacts, games, recipes, DIY activities, jokes, puzzles, comic-strips, collectible info-cards, posters…all this in a single issue!
DiscoveryBox stimulates children’s curiosity and whets their appetite for learning!

… “I think that DiscoveryBox is a really good magazine. There are many subjects you can read about, a lot of fun games to play and a lot of entertaining comics to read. You always learn something.” Samuel, 9, London, UK


慶祝芥子園出版社 出版 第200期  Box 系列雜誌

【二零一六年一月二十二日 – 香港】  榮獲美國Parent Choice獎項 的英文兒童雜誌StoryBox、AdventureBox和DiscoveryBox 在2016 年1月發行了第200 期雜誌,創刊之今已 20年!

在1995年,英國出版了第一期的 StoryBox (適合3-6歲) 、AdventureBox (適合6-9歲) 和DiscoveryBox (適合9-12歲)。這高品質、具教育性及富有趣味的兒童雜誌,由倫敦團隊編輯,並由法國著名巴亞兒童出版社出版。獨一無二的BOX雜誌得到不同機構頒發項,更經常獲老師推薦並於課堂上使用。現時,Box雜誌的支持者遍佈全世界。亞洲地區的讀者每年也在增加。

Box雜誌的總編輯 Simona Sideri 說: 「在這20年裹,我們創作了許多引人入勝的故事和卡通,又向讀者傳遞世界各地有關動物、科學以及天文地理等的資訊!如今,我們已有第二代的讀者了! 以前的讀者,已為人父母和老師,他們繼續訂閱BOX雜誌給他們的孩子,正是我們堅持不懈的動力。」


From Sep 2018 issues onwards, Box magazines Glossary will not be printed. For FREE download of latest glossary, refer to https://www.bayard.com.hk/pages/readers-corner

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